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Offshore Wind Insider

Jul 28, 2019

Lars Thaaning Pedersen

My guest this episode is Lars Thaaning Pedersen, Chief Executive Officer of Vineyard Wind, soon to be the nation’s first utility-scale offshore wind project.


We begin our conversation with Lars and his background in the industry and with the company Vineyard Wind. We then devote most of our conversation to the Vineyard Wind project itself, its timeframe, where it stands in the permitting process, and some really interesting challenges it has faced and how it has addressed them. We close with a look at the economics of the offshore wind industry and some of the factors that affect it. Lars and I recorded this conversation at the end of May, 2019 – since that time the project has continued to progress through the permitting process and is anticipated to be only a couple of months away from starting construction.

Recorded May 29, 2019. Published July 28, 2019.