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Offshore Wind Insider

Jun 30, 2021

The U.S. is poised to emerge as a leader in the floating offshore wind space. In late May, the Biden Administration continued its efforts to jumpstart the U.S. offshore wind industry by advancing offshore wind areas off of Northern and Central California. Off the West Coast, and in several other regions around the U.S., significant water depths will require deployment of floating offshore wind turbines. Siemens Gamesa’s Abby Watson, Mainstream Renewable Power’s Paula Major, and Principle Power’s Amisha Patel – three influential women in floating offshore wind – join host Brandon Burke to discuss this massive opportunity for U.S. clean energy leadership and innovation. They’ll address permitting floating offshore wind platforms, intersections with hydrogen and offshore oil and gas, export opportunities, and the factors necessary to long-term success in this cutting-edge clean energy industry. 


Content, audio engineering, editing, and sound design by Brandon Burke. 

Music by Brandon Burke, with contributions from Nathan Ezzo, Steven Reilly, and Miles Taylor.